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Avant-Garde Line Lip Pigments

Avant-Garde Line Lip Pigments

5 ML
Skin Monarch Academy pigments are made from the finest certified ingredients in the world.
The world’s top pigments for permanent make up are free of iron oxides, color-stable, and last longer in the skin.
Very important every permanent make up treatment are the pigments!
The size of the pigment grains is 2 microns, it means easy and fast treatment. Thus we achieve a very high pigment density, color fastness and a maximum pigment accumulation in the skin. We only use pigments which the quality of raw materials (according ResAP 2008 1 ) is guaranteed and run full tests by independent accredited laboratories.
Full organic lip pigment series for all customers tastes!
Why Avant-Garde lip pigment line?:
70-80% of the pigments remain visible after healing
Better durability in the skin
No discoloration, pigments fade evenly
Less pass during treatment
Less pain, due to delicate work
Avant-Garde pigments can be use for methods like:
Magic shading,
Powder and pearl lips.
Made in Germany

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