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Skin Monarch Expression Line Lip Pigments (10ml)

Skin Monarch Expression Line Lip Pigments (10ml)

10 ML

Skin Monarch

Expression Line

Lips Pigment Made in GERMANY

Size: 10 ml.

Expression line the new generation pigments is developed for easy implantation to skin.

This line is more concentrated compared to the Avant-Garde line.

Special pigments formula has been created to accelerate the penetration to the skin, stays after healed 70 to 90%.

With this line mixed inorganic and organic pigment, you can perform this type technique: Aquarelle, Full lip color, Lipliner, Lip Blush Ombre.

Skin Monarch Academy pigments are made from the finest certified ingredients in the world.

Pigments have a smooth and soft color texture. Because pigment is a small molecule mass the injury is less during treatment and penetration is better of the pigment, which has a positive effect on the healing process of the skin and reduces scabs, faster recovery of the skin. Pigments stay longer in the skin and show a natural and stable result over time.

EXPRESSION line pigments suitable following technique:


Full lip color

Lip liner

Lip Blush

The pigment is immediately absorbed by the epidermis and develops color perfectness in the first few days. The highly concentrated color pigment has a high color density, which makes it possible to achieve saturation in the uppermost color layers, which we influence by selecting the application technique.

Our pigments meet all safety requirements and were made for all testing according to CoE Resolution ResAP(2008).


Size: 10 ml.

Alure, Aquele, Tuscana, Oriona, Estella, Helene, Maia, Roxane, Carinne, Morela, Meissa, Elara, Colarine, Rosalla, Aurora

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